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Phenomena - DVD


Brace yourself for an all-new look at one of the most wildly original films ever from writer/director Dario Argento, an insane epic of terror, wonder, and jaw-dropping carnage. Jennifer Connelly stars as an outcast student at a Swiss boarding school who discovers both her telepathic power to control insects and the gore-soaked trail of a razor-wielding killer. Can a kindly professor (Donald Pleasence of HALLOWEEN) now harness her gift to stop the bloodbath of a psychopath? Daria Nicolodi (TENEBRE), Dalila DiLazzaro (FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN) and Fiore Argento (DEMONS) co-star along with a pounding soundtrack by Goblin, Bill Wyman, Iron Maiden and Motörhead in the shocker that remains a favorite of Argento fans as well as one of the most brutally original horror thrillers of the 80s.