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PHANTASMA - Eta Della Macchina CD


Title: Eta Della Macchina
Format: CD
Label: Giallo Music
Cat#: GM003CD
Release date: October 2017
Country: USA

PHANTASMA is retro synth music not being retrowave. Taking its drive from 80's horror movies and individuals like John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, Tangerine Dream or Zombi, PHANTASMA's music is made for people that reminisce of simpler times before the modern era of technology and obsessive social media. This is the music that haunts your soul with tension of dark horror electronics, old drum machines and eerie 80's feeling. Imagine John Carpenter's "Christine" and you got the picture. The debut album called "Eta Della Macchina" featuring 9 tracks of pure retro fear. If you're a fan of the 80's horror music - don't miss it!

1. The Diversion
2. Irrevocable
3. Raise
4. Giorno dei Morti
5. Congregation
6. Abrogation
7. Midnight Delegation
8. Eta Della Macchina One
I. Estuary
II. The Gathering
III. The Unnameable
IV. Elevon
V. Aphelion
9. Eta Della Macchina Two
I. Malfunction
II. The Corridor
III. Nightmare I
IV. Nightmare II
V. Nightmare III